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Our chef, Belu, is an expert in Dietotherapy and Culinary Health Education certified by Harvard Medical School. She is a Nutrition Coach, recipe formulator, calorie tamer, and even the creator of the famous Magic Brownie! 

Belu’s recipes are carefully crafted using Excel spreadsheets to calculate the exact calorie count to meet our health goals. Her dedication to perfection means that she spends countless hours in the kitchen, perfecting each recipe through trial and error until it meets our high standards. Our formula:  



After +100 trials, we achieved a high protein and fiber brownie with all the things we love about brownies, but without the excess calories and carbs. #magic

It provides: 150 calories 15g protein | 10g net carbs

Gluten Free Sugar Free  High Protein High Fiber



Our high-protein chocolate base cream is made with organic cocoa, coconut milk and cottage cheese. We use sugar-free cookies for the layers.

Per serving: 135 calories Protein 10g | Net. Carb 11g

Nut Free • No sugar added • High Protein  High Fiber




Prepared with dates, whey protein isolate, lactose-free cottage cheese, gluten-free oats, and monk fruit.

Per serving: 29 calories 3g protein | 2g net carbs.

Gluten Free No Sugar added High Protein High Fiber


Ultra-chocolaty cake made with organic cocoa, whey protein isolate, organic oats, and water. Filled and topped with our protein-packed chocolate cream.

Per serving: 148 calories 14g protein | 9g net carbs.

Gluten Free Sugar Free  High Protein High Fiber


Made with gluten-free oats and sweetened with monk fruit. No flour, sugar, or nuts.

Flavors: banana, sweet potato, carrot.

Gluten Free No added sugar High Protein High Fiber


Made with fat-free ricotta, sweetened with monk fruit. Topped with natural berries. No flour, sugar, or nuts. 

Per serving: 50 calories 5g protein | 1g net carbs

Gluten Free Sugar Free  High Protein 



High protein mousse, made with non-fat greek yogurt, natural passion fruit and mixed berries topping. Sweetened with monkfruit.

Per serving: 80 calories Protein 9g | Net. Carb 10g

Gluten Free No sugar Added High Protein 



All natural low calorie chocolate spread. Contains peanut butter, replaceable with sunflower butter in case of allergies.

Per tablespoon: 15 calories.

Gluten Free No sugar added Lactose Free 


Find balance between a menu you enjoy, a body you love, and a real life – with little time to cook, but a lot of appetite for delicious food–