Find balance between a menu you enjoy, a body you love, and a real life.

I believe that we all want to live our “best version” of ourselves. Whether it’s to be healthier, more fit, or at peace with food, you don’t need divine enlightenment, infinite willpower, or suffering, but a step-by-step strategy.

In my app, I teach you what you need to know to achieve your goal, giving you the power to adapt your nutrition to real life (the kind with a plan, but also with stumbling blocks and flexibility).

So that way, you have the freedom to choose. I don’t intend to control you, give you permission, or make you null and void… I want you to learn to nourish yourself, to find balance between a diet you enjoy and a body you love.

I’ll help you attain your goal by:



Balancing your diet according to your schedule, preferences, requirements, or routine, including the foods you love.

Cooking classes:

I will teach you nutritious, low-calorie recipes that are easy and delicious to make. 

Mindset Makeover

By changing your mindset, you can change your body. We’ll work together to manage emotional hunger, anxiety, sleep quality, and exercise routines to create lasting habits.

To help you reach and sustain your success, I will provide you with all the tools you need:

You will learn how to balance your diet and combine foods to improve your body composition (less fat, more muscle), providing you with satiety, hormonal balance, more energy, and boosting your immune system.

I will provide you with guides for your food shopping and choices, to incorporate the foods you enjoy during your program. Additionally, I will offer you options to expand your menu according to your preferences, availability, and budget

I will teach you BBB Recipes: Beneficial, Balanced, and Basic recipes. These recipes are formulated to provide more nutrition with fewer calories

You will have nutrition classes, exercise routines, ongoing support, and monitoring during the programs.

When you find your balance… you triumph! You break free from the diet cycle, finally achieving permanent results.